Recovery From Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Using Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

My morning ritual is unusual. First I wrap elastic straps around my body. Then I slide twenty electrodes, one at a time, below the straps. I plug them into my TDR68. When all are plugged into the unit, I flip it on and begin dialing up the present day.

At first insects race across my pores and skin. I keep dialing up the current. My muscle mass, fed via the energy, begin contracting. I growth the modern-day greater, forcing a tighter contraction. I keep dialing the contemporary up, to as plenty tightness and ache as I can stand. That is wherein I go away the dial. For the following 1/2 hour it’s far ten seconds on, with very excessive contractions and a total frame squeeze, followed by way of ten seconds off, with out a electricity, no squeeze, and no pain.

For fifteen minutes each morning I problem myself to alternatively intense pain. No, the FDA has now not accredited the usage of those gadgets in a couple of sclerosis, or MS. Nor are there any published research about electric stimulation of the muscles for patients suffering from M.S. I use it anyway. A 12 months ago, I wished either my scooter or tilt-recline wheelchair. I became nonetheless operating complete time on the, but by using evenings I should handiest stroll a few steps, the usage of canes. I knew it would not be long I might need to apply a scooter even in my domestic.

I am a medical doctor scientist, and companion professor at the scientific college. I sit down at the institutional evaluate board at our university, and evaluate scientific protocols week after week to make sure the protection of the observe, and prevent damage to the individuals who agree to participate. I consider in using technological know-how to show the efficacy of what physicians do. So why then might I, a physician scientist, begin the usage of opportunity medicine and untested remedies?

The solution is simple. I actually have an ugly ailment. Nothing a great deal works for it. A few matters would possibly gradual down the charge of decline. Nothing restores feature once it’s far misplaced. I had already attempted the primary line treatment options, then the second line, and the 1/3 line.

I am an internal remedy doc. For years, while my sufferers requested approximately herbal drug treatments, food dietary supplements, aroma therapy etc, I advised my patients those things have been all unproven, faddish cures. But after I evolved innovative MS I was humbled as I became progressively greater disabled. Being a medical doctor, I changed into able to pick the excellent doctors and the get the satisfactory evidence-based care to be had. I observed my medical clínica de recuperação rio de janeiro doctors’ recommendation. I took chemotherapy, mighty immune suppressants. They said the remedies would possibly gradual my decline, but not anything would restore my strength or my stamina.

First I needed a cane. Not long after that I needed an electric wheelchair. I walked less and less. But my docs the fine I may want to desire for was to slow the rate of my decline. It become a grim destiny, but I did not want to give up hope. That is after I started searching out other options. Unfortunately, there have been no clinical trials wherein I ought to participate. So, I can be notably passive, and receive the high-quality care furnished by using the first-class people, or I ought to attempt to discover something by myself.

That changed into once I began studying the primary technology literature approximately MS. Eventually I created my personal theories about why incapacity occurs in MS. I designed a new remedy protocol for my disorder and my rehabilitation primarily based upon mitochondria and using electrical stimulation of my muscle tissues. I commenced the intensive treatments November 2007. At that point I needed two canes to stroll in my home within the evening and a scooter or an electric powered wheelchair every time I left my office. Now, three hundred and sixty five days later, they take a seat, unused in a corner. Now I stroll at some point of the health center, and can journey my bicycle eighteen miles, up and down hills.