FIT – The Patented Fabric of Nike

In 1989, Nike Company launched four sorts of fabric, namely Dri-FIT, Therma-FIT, Clima-FIT and Storm-FIT. Here F stands for useful, I for progressive and T for technology. These fabrics can help a sportsman face up to hot and bloodless weather, resist typhoon and snow and deal with the sweat.


The material of Dri-FIT can discharge sweat rapidly. You will experience at ease if you put on the clothes made from this material to do exercising. The specific Dri-FIT superfine fiber can discharge dri-fit fabric moisture via distinctive feature of the siphon movement. The moisture is discharged to the floor of the garment and then vaporized. When you put on this form of garment, Dri-FIF sticks to the pores and skin. It discharges sweat perfectly and make you feel very comfy. Nike DRI FIF is the great lining material. Its capabilities are as follows:

1 It is made from superfine fiber.

2 It can discharge sweat to the outer layer of the garment and then evaporate it to maintain the garment dry.

3 It is mild and skinny.

Four It may be dried unexpectedly.

5 It is cool and relaxed to put on.

6 It is the fine lining cloth.


The cloth of Therma-FIT is lighter and thinner than every other textiles, but it may preserve heat very well. If a garment is manufactured from Therma-FIT and its lining is made of Dri-FIT, it need to be best in perspiring and keeping warm. You can put on this garment to run, ski, climb a mountain or do other types of schooling sporting activities. Its capabilities are as follows:

1 It is made from superfine fiber.

2 It is thin and light.

3 It can defend towards bloodless air and wind.

Four It can preserve heat very well.


The material of Clima-FIT is water evidence. It is product of the breathable superfine fiber. Water cannot seep in it effortlessly. However, it could discharge sweat effectively. It is especially designed for the sportsman to run or play golfing. Its capabilities are as follows:

1 It can keep off wind and rain.

2 It is light.

3 It has proper breathability. The close-knit fiber can keep water from seeping in, yet it could discharge sweat out of the body easily.


The material of typhoon-FIT is water proof. There is a layer of water evidence film masking on the floor of the extraordinary nice fiber so that it can shield in opposition to rain, snow and hail. When you’re taking excessive-strength sports, along with snowboarding, sailing, hiking and running, you could sweat plenty. If you wear a clothes made of Storm-FIT, the sweat may be discharged without problems. Its features are as follows:

1 It is mainly designed to be worn in stormy climate.

2 It has exact breathability. Although water cannot seep in it effortlessly, but it may absorb sweat out of your pores and skin and discharge it outdoor of the garment.

3 It can guard towards water, wind and snow.

Four If you fit it with a Nike Therma-FIT or Dri-FIT clothes, the impact of discharging sweat and maintaining warm will be higher.

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