DIY Kitchen Remodeling With RTA Cabinets

75 Modern Kitchen Ideas You'll Love - December, 2022 | Houzz

Are you looking for ways to improve the looks and function of your kitchen but want to make sure you get a good return on your investment? The reality is the extravagant kitchens and room additions being done a few years ago when credit was easy and home prices were going through the roof are Kitchen Remodeling San Jose a thing of the past. Now – money is tighter, you’re probably planning on staying in your home longer (due to lower market valuations), and the need to be cost and value conscious is essential. Here’s 5 ideas to guide you through a nice looking functional kitchen remodeling project with today’s economics in mind:

Idea 1 – Remodel inside the box – Yes it would be great to be able to blow out the back wall and make the larger kitchen of your dreams. Today – you need to hold back your urge to splurge. Consider improving the looks and function of your kitchen by working “inside the box” (don’t do a room addition and build out but work inside your existing space). If you need more room see if you can “borrow” some from an adjoining room which is not well utilized.

Idea 2 – Work on the important stuff first (cabinets and countertops) – A key to a better look, function and improved kitchen resale value starts with the cabinets and countertops. Do you have laminate counter which is old, worn out and dates the house? Consider these upgrade options to make your counters pop out:

Stone– marble or granite provide one of a kind pieces

  • Engineered stone– Zodiac and Silestone are natural quartz materials made with resin which are hard, durable, scratch and heat resistant
  • Solid surface– Corian and Wilsonart made from acrylic and other plastics can be easily shaped and routed to include the backsplash and sink area as well
  • Metal– Usually wrapped over a waterproof fiberboard core various metals can create a contemporary (stainless steel) or an older world look (zinc and copper which patina (look older) over the long run)
  • Concrete– Strong and can be designed in custom shapes.
  • Wood– This material will add some warmth to a kitchen. There are various types and hardness characteristics of wood to choose from.
  • Recycled surfaces– If you’re looking for a sustainable design consider products like Icestone (terrazzo like material made of concrete and recycled glass chips) or Paperstone (made of recycled paper mixed with resin) as two examples.

Idea 3 – Choose your design, look and feel- What design style are you looking to create? Do you want a sleek contemporary kitchen with European cabinets and clean lines? Are you looking for a country kitchen, Tuscan theme or more of an ornate design? Research and choose a design theme. Make sure it will work well with the adjoining rooms.